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Christine Ratz

Superstar Consultant


My Story

I have lots of stories and I put on some wonderful performances... you should have me over sometime for a Scentsy PARTY and I'll unleash the Ratzy that all my friends, customer, fellow consultants and family have come to love!

My SCENTSY STORY is super simple. There once was a girl who loved all things that smelled good. She met Scentsy and fell in love.  She loved sharing the Scentsy products and opportunity with everyone she met and lived happily ever after. That girl, is me!  OK, look, Scentsy is AMAZING!  It's a high quality product that is literally life enhancing.  This stuff IMPROVES your life.  Do you know how wonderful it is to walk into your house and as soon as you enter, you're greeted with the soft aroma of vanilla and coconut?  I'm instantly relaxed. 

Better yet.  Have you ever gone to someone else's house and noticed a distinct smell?  We all have distinct smells.  What's YOUR signature scent?  Before Scentsy, I'm sure mine was tacos, dogs, and dust.  Unless I had JUST cleaned, when it was pine-sol, bleach, and other harsh chemicals.  Scentsy makes my homes signature smell a pleasant, positively memorable, and welcoming experience. 

I love this product for many reasons.  But I LOVE this company and this opportunity as well.  I have an insanely supportive and experienced director.  We have a team, TRIBE WICKLESS which is full of powerful boss babes like me who are working this business and making extra money to pay off debt, work from home, shop guilt-free, or any other financial goal.  I can't begin to tell you the other things you'll gain like friendships, inner strength, development and growth.. and of course a house that smells and looks beautiful.

Life stinks sometimes, but Scentsy can help!  Ask me about Hosting a Party or the Scentsy Opportunity TODAY!

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